How to Stop Spam Emails from Flooding Your Inbox

How to Stop Spam Emails from Flooding Your Inbox
Published in : 11 Jan 2023

How to Stop Spam Emails from Flooding Your Inbox

The simplest techniques to avoid receiving spam emails are to use backup emails and avoid registering for new websites. Alternately, we can adhere to those strategies for spam email protection.

Use temporary emails wherever necessary.

Most individuals use Google's "Gmail" email service. However, you should employ temporary emails for our fundamental tasks. You can generate a temporary email address in ten seconds without having to sign up, verify, or do anything else.

Block unauthorised, unlawful, etc., websites.

If you register for an account using your work email address, there will always be a problem for you and your email security. Because they will send you several advertisements and other materials that you will find boring. Therefore, if you consistently receive spam, you must block these types of websites in order to stop sending emails. To protect yourself and your emails, always use a temporary email account for this website.

 Your account should be active and verified.

While you are using your official emails, all verification must be done over the phone. If your accounts are not verified, email providers will recognise you as spam and assume you don't care about your accounts, which will open the door for spam and scams to target you.

Keep your official email address private.

Typically, people don't care about their emails and send personalised emails to everyone. We are warning you not to provide your official email address if you don't know who they are; just your temporary email address should be provided.